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Atin Madan Midia Company (AMMCO) is one of the active and leading company in investment located in Iran that was registered in Tehran Companies Registration Office with the registration number 495804. AMMCO is an agile corporate company and enjoy the highest level of management capabilities, human capital, high efficiency in all levels that leads to growth of increasing profitability and wealth creation.

Major strategies of this company consist of:

  1. Effective Role – Playing in the economic growth of country in mining and mineral industry section.
  2. Diversification of income sources and risk distribution.
  3. Investment in exploration of new mines with potential and untapped areas of the country.
  4. Conversion of raw materials, low-grade reserves, useful mineral wasted by development of processing industries using advanced and innovative technologies.
  5. Sufficient attention to managing the optimal extraction of minerals from reserves and resources.
  6. Infrastructure and facilities for participation with mining sector activities, domestic and foreign agencies.

Based on the defined strategies, investment in mining takes place according to the following ways:

  1. Prospecting in potential areas and registering explored areas for the company.
  2. Participation in tenders held by Industry Mine and Trade Ministry.
  3. Proceeding to purchase mines that have discovery certificate and operating certificate.

AMMCO’s activities are focused on exploration, exploitation and extraction of minerals including on Gold, Gilsonite (Natural Bitumen), Lead & Zinc, Copper and Dimension Stones. AMMCO holds thirteen (31) mineral exploration licenses and three exploration

and Exploitation blocks (Gilsonite, Dimension Stone and Polymetal) in excess of 9500 square kilometers.


Applying expert and committed human resources is obvious in advancing the goals of any business. With the knowledge of this, managing director of Atin Madan Midia Company, has been monitoring the information and resumes of experts and elites to select qualified individuals and has used this capacity to complete and strengthen the team of office and operational studies.

Investors and activists in the field of mining and mineral industries can contact the management of planning and development regard to their respective areas of cooperation, such as implementation of new projects, provision of services and products or provision of proposals for development of business cooperation.

The business process at Atin Madan Midia is underway on a structured system. This structure is based on the expertise and experience of the company’s human resources. The main priority is to identify investment opportunities in mining and mineral industries in order to meet the stakeholders of the company.

Investors and activists in the field of mining and mineral industries can contact the management of planning and development regard to their respective areas of cooperation, such as implementation of new projects, provision of services and products or provision of proposals for development of business cooperation.

Formation of one of the top specialized investment companies in the mining and mineral industry of the private sector in the country

۱٫ Establishing a structure for the implementation of goals and realization of the outlook
2. Utilizing all potential and internal and external capacities in mining, industrial and commercial areas in order to generate wealth and make money.
3. Exploration and extraction of minerals with economic value and creating value added chain.
4. Using the existing capacities of the mineral industry for the processing of minerals and, if necessary, creating the required processing units based on advanced and innovative technology.
5. Planning for role-playing in domestic and foreign business in the field of mineral and industrial.
6. Setting up for the purpose of using technical knowledge and financial power of enterprises and domestic and foreign banks to achieve the goals in the form of economic partnerships.
7. Planning to reduce the risk of all activities in order to protect shareholders’ equity by using legal opportunities and facilities such as investment funds for mineral activities, interaction with universities, scientific and specialized centers, and the use of scientific elites.
8. Study and identify the specific economic opportunities in the areas of activity in a large and exclusive manner.
9. Efforts to achieve national, regional and global standards using expert, efficient and creative human resources, educational planning to promote their knowledge and commercialization, explaining methods for optimizing the use of and monitoring financial resources, as well as full compliance with environmental laws and regulations. , Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The social responsibility of mining companies is a set of actions that are consistent with the overall goals of the projects that address the challenges and problems of the target community. Mining companies all over the world are struggling to participate in the development of societies in which they are located. Atin Madan Midia Company also believed in its social responsibilities, has put its emphasis on health, safety and the environment.

Compliance with the HSE guidelines has always been emphasized by the company’s senior management and it is important to implement these guidelines in all the offices, projects and mines of the company. This is rooted in the importance of protecting human health in general and safeguarding the resources involved in Atin Madan Midia’s business, in particular, and the importance of environmental protection.

We believe social accountability is a commitment:

  • Commitment to environmental protection and natural resources.
  • Commitment to the fundamental principles of humanity and responsibility for them.
  • Commitment to non-discrimination in employment matters.
  • Commitment to pay attention to the needs of human capital.
  • Commitment to not producing hazardous and harmful products for the environment.

Attention to human dignity:

The managers and staff members of Atin Madan Midia Company recognize and adhere to politeness respect, justice, fairness, morality and patience in working relationships with customers of the company and their colleagues.

Customer Orientation:

The managers and staff of Atin Madan Midia Company, in defining their goals, planning and executing all their work activities, consider the satisfaction of their customers and their partners in accordance with the organization’s values and respecting the customer’s demand and need and meeting it as best they can, it’s an indescribable task for themselves and other associates.


Managers and employees of Atin Madan Midia Company, see the achievement of the goals and interests of the organization and the customer in terms of teamwork and collaboration, and always define their interests in the profits of the organization and the customer.

Competitiveness and continuous effort to improve:

Atin Madan Midia managers and staff members see the success of their rivals and their associates as a model for progress. They consider their permanent and inevitable responsibility to use modern methods of work, obtain professional skills, and seek to improve the delivery of services and create the highest added value for providing superior services, as the most basic criteria for competitiveness and continuous improvement.

Develop competencies:

The managers and staff of Atin Madan Midia are always aware of their competencies and have believe that, the promotion of the level of knowledge, skills, attitude, teaching and learning is a permanent and enduring duty.


The managers and staff of Atin Madan Midia are committed to meeting the rational and defined needs of their customers and partners, and are always responsive to their performance.


The managers and staff of Atin Madan Midia, under all circumstances, accept the criticism of the customers of their company and their colleagues and accept criticism as a way to improve their performance.


Managers and employees of Atin Madan Midia, while striving to protect the secrets of the organization and customers, carefully and ultimately protect their own property and information.

Conservation of the environment and attention to the health of the community:

Managers and employees of Atin Madan Midia are aware of their impact on the environment and community health and, in addition to being committed to standards and reference laws, are keen on improving the quality of the environment and community health.



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